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Photo Gallery

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All the honour and Glory belongs to God

Circus Festival of Budapest/200/Guest of honour

Mac valley's logo

Mac Valley Troupe

Sample Photo 5

Mac Valley's Splitting Globe/SPLASH/Riviera Hotel/Las Vegas




salute to the Australian Circus

Telstra rally Australia/Perth

Mac Valley/Riviera Hotel/1986/Las Vegas

Telstra Rally Australia/Perth

Panair/1942/Army/Harley Davidson

Riviera Hotel/Las Vegas

Doug/1976/Strawberry Fair/Florida/Motorcycle: Villers 200cc/47


Mac Valle's Globe/1987

Australian Circus celebration/

Moscow Circus/199/200/New Zealand tour

Douglas Mac Valley's Coloseum of Thrills/Taiwan/1990

Las Vegas/Riviera Hotel

Mac Valley's Thriller at Aladdin Hotel Casino Las Vegas/92

Mac Valley's Globe at Reno Hilton/1994/95/Reno-Nevada/USA

Mac Valley's Splitting Globe/Rio de Janeiro/Brazil/Metropolitam Theatre/1997

Japan/1991/Douglas Mac Valley's Circus of Thrills

Douglas Mac Valley's THRILLER/Aladdin Hotel/Las Vegas/1992

Mac Valley'Globe/Hong Kong/1998/Moscow Circus

Michael Distefano/Starama/Nevada/USA


Victor Urias and Douglas Mac Valley/Lake the Ozark-Misouri/1997/USA at Fun City Amusement Park

All the honour and Glory belongs to God